Mukluk Slippers

Mukluk slippers are soft winter boots that have their origin with the Inuits (which resided in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska) as well as the Yupiks (of Russia and Alaska). Because these tribes had a nomadic nature and their environments were cold, the clothing that they wore needed to be warm. It needed to be thick and insulated in order for them to withstand the frigid temperatures of the Arctic. And thus, Mukluks were born. They were originally made of the skin of animals like bears and seals, but nowadays they tend to be made from wool or cotton.

They are highly resistant to both water and snow. But unlike most boots that are highly inflexible, they still allow the foot to retain some mobility. For this reason, they’ve become quite popular and are considered to be very fashionable. They’ve even served as the inspiration for boots such as the well known Ugg brand.

They actually take this further by simply being a sock with a leather sole on it. It is almost like a combination between the original and modern socks in that it gives the warmth of a boot while simultaneously providing flexibility in the foot. What is also great about them is that you can wear them around the house while lounging around and if you need to check the mailbox quickly, the leather sole will provide you with enough protection to do so without fear of hurting your feet.

So which one should you get? Luckily, they come in many different patterns and styles. For example, if you are going for a more Moccasin/shoe look, you can opt for the Manitobah Mukluks 20200 Slipper (pictured above) which are built like boat shoes but have a comfy fur inside. They are highly rated on Amazon, coming in with a strong four star rating. These are very popular soft-soled shoes. The fur inside is a plus as it does a good job of keeping your feet warm. But they’re also great because the soft sole allows you to walk around the house and still feel like you’re barefoot. One reviewer did have the complaint that the bottom of the shoes got dirty easy but that shouldn’t be a big issue because nobody really looks at the bottoms anyway. So if you decide to get this pair you are sure to be impressed.

Or you could opt for the more traditional look and go with the Muk Luks Men's Ragg Wool Slipper. These are like a true mix between socks and shoes unlike the Manitobahs, which are more like a house shoe. But the Ragg Wools still have that trademark soft sole that allows for maximum comfort. They are also very highly rated on, being a four and a half star product. And they’ve earned that high rating by being durable and a great value for the cost. Every review talks about them being the most comfortable mukluks that people have ever worn.

So in the end either could work well for you. The Manitobahs are likely better if you need to to the store for a quick errand because they have the traditional slipper look. But the Rag Wools are more comfortable, making up for the fact that you probably wouldn’t want to be seen walking around outside the house in them. All in all, it truly depends on what you’re looking for. But you can’t go bad with either one. So head on over to Amazon and find the best pair for you!