Mukluk Slipper Boots and Socks

Mukluk slipper socks (or boots) are a version of mukluk slippers that have become quite popular as of late. They are different from the boots because unlike those which are designed to be worn outside in the most frigid of temperatures, these are mostly for lounging around the house. Although they have a sole on them like the boot version, their soles usually aren’t thick enough to warrant anything more than a quick trip to the mailbox. And even then because they don’t tend to be waterproof even slippers aren’t a good idea if the ground’s wet. Though if all you’re going to be doing is cuddling up with a good book or something of that nature, you’ll feel right at home with them. Their main benefit is how comfortable they are. It’s like slipping your feet in a wool sweater. And this comfort doesn’t come at great cost either. You can generally get a pair like the Muk Luks Men's Ragg Wool Slipper for around $30 or so.

And for women a very affordable pair like the Mukluks Women's Fairisle Knee High Slipper Socks can be had for just $10. So as you can see, mukluks can make great, inexpensive gifts for family members to wear in the winter months. But one more piece of advice is to make sure that you buy a size smaller than what you would naturally wear because they tend to run a bit big and this will ensure you that yours will fit nice and snugly. So get on out there and buy a pair for you and your loved ones today!